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Join a community of recognized technology leaders and provide your customers digital workspaces that combine freedom and security while profitably growing.

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Benefits of being a Citrix Partner

  • Provide people-centric, secure solutions to your customers and prospects with Citrix Digital Workspace, Networking and Analytics

  • Take advantage of financial incentives and special offers to drive opportunities for your business

  • Leverage online training and certification courses to build and enhance your practice

  • Gain access to a multitude of tools and resources to help you market and sell your services or Citrix-compatible solution offering

Sell Citrix products and services

Earn the trust of your customers as an expert in secure digital workspace technologies

Earn the trust of your customers as an expert in secure digital workspace technologies

Grow your business while focusing on your role as a trusted advisor to your customers.

Resell Citrix products

Maximize margins and deliver the cloud-enables workspace services your customers demand.

Host Citrix technologies

Provide consulting, integration, and outsourcing services and help enterprise customers realize the business value of cloud computing.

Integrate Citrix solutions

Become a technology partner with Citrix to deliver best-in-class features, functionality, performance and ROI.

Integrate, test, and validate your solution with Citrix Ready

Incorporate Citrix into your solution

Provide sales, order fulfillment, and support for Citrix Solution Advisors and Providers as a distributor.

Distribute Citrix products

Offer training and certification to help Citrix customers and partners enhance self-sufficiency, increase productivity, and maximize product capabilities.

Train and certify on Citrix solutions

What our partners say

We have seen competitors over the years, but there is no one like Citrix. Ace IQ is a company built around Citrix offerings. We do not serve any specific markets. Everyone needs Citrix. We know Citrix adds value to the customers.

Håkan Andersson

As a Citrix Platinum Solution Advisory for over 20 years, our main goal is to transition our customer workloads to cloud, to provide agility of the data center, secure computing and analytics. Citrix Cloud solutions have proven to be the vital element in accelerating customer cloud adoption by minimizing and offloading the complexity of systems management to the people who know it best, Citrix.

Paul Kunze
VP, Sales & Marketing

Our relationship with Citrix is like hand in glove. We’re almost perfectly aligned. We refer to Citrix as the kinder, gentler manufacturer. Yet, they’re also strong, intelligent and innovate really where it matters.

Nancy Pautsch
Chief Evangelist of Stakeholder Value
Envision IT

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