Prosthetics pioneer delivers IT without limitations

ossur, an innovator enabling “life without limitations”, uses Citrix and Microsoft to innovate its IT services, 获得灵活性, 安全, 和最佳效率.

Recognized by the World Economic Forum (WEF) as a technology pioneer, ossur is dedicated to “life without limitations”. 1971年,假肢医生和截肢者ossur Kristinsson在冰岛创立了这家公司. 曾经, 它的收入超过6亿美元,在全球26个国家拥有100多家分店. This includes dozens of clinics where patients are fitted with, 并接受过使用, 假肢.

ossur ‘s entire IT infrastructure is 问题d by a central team of just five people, 总部位于冰岛,由基础设施和云架构师Einar Dagfinnur Klemensson领导. 这个小部门负责IT决策和部署,并由全球各地的当地支持人员进行扩充.

支持其快速增长的业务, the ossur team selected Citrix and Microsoft Azure, partnering with UK-based Platinum Plus Citrix Solution Advisor 天涯的业务解决方案 to deliver an unparalleled experience for the company’s 4,000 员工.

“我们选择微软Azure的原因之一是,他们与Citrix有着长期的合作关系,”Klemensson说, “and we have a strong partnership with Ultima because of the level of trust. 我们用它们来扩充我们的小团队.”


ossur近年来进行了许多收购,这导致了一个复杂的IT环境. 该公司希望消除复杂性,提供单一、简化的用户体验.

Klemensson解释道:“简单是关键. “我们希望我们的员工能够尽可能轻松地工作,无论他们在哪里. 这意味着要确保他们能够访问所需的应用程序和数据,以及有效工作的速度和性能. 这就是思杰帮我们的地方.”

Bjarni Kaernested, 资讯科技营运总监, adds, “我们在ossur很幸运, 因为我们有这样着眼于未来的人——科学家和工程师——他们正在发展新技术, 为客户提供新产品. There's a lot of smart people working here and that’s inspiring. ossur相信没有限制的生活,所以我们受到启发去构建没有限制的IT.”

现有使用 Citrix工作区 to provide a single login for staff on any device, wherever they are. 3D CAD软件等资源匮乏的应用程序被分配了所需的资源,因此它们甚至可以在移动设备上有效运行. 业绩的基础是 Citrix sd - wan which optimizes network traffic across all available channels to ensure consistent, 为用户提供高性能.

Because Citrix delivers a secure desktop to any device, the team can innovate in the end-point hardware they deploy.

克莱门松表示:“我们正在尽可能多地使用思杰,以降低终端用户设备的成本。. “We’re exploring how we can use cell-phones as a primary end-user device, we’re deploying Raspberry Pi devices and looking at Google Grab and Go Chromebooks.”

Citrix还简化了IT管理. The team 问题s only three desktop images for the entire company.

“We invested in Citrix to secure our intellectual property and medical data.”

ossur的产品是如此先进,企业甚至制造机器来制造它的产品. As Klemensson jokes, “You can’t go to a store and buy a knee-manufacturing machine.”


"We invested in Citrix so we had the ability to secure our IP,”Klemensson说. “而不是部署重型, 3D CAD applications out to workstations in the field, 我们将把它们转移到Citrix,这样我们的IP就不会超出我们已经建立的虚拟数据中心.”

“We're looking at Zero Trust in a big way,”他继续. “我们正在保护终点, 保护用户标识, 我们希望成为早期采用者 思杰安全互联网接入(SIA).”


ossur与世界各地的医疗保健组织密切合作,并负责保护保密的患者数据, 另一个优先考虑安全的原因. 自从迁移到Citrix以来,该团队已经删除了6种访问系统的不同方法. 一个单一的, 安全的访问方式——没有数据存储在终端设备上,所有数据都在传输中加密——有助于保护机密信息.

“我们希望保护所有通过我们的诊所在我们的虚拟数据中心传输的医疗数据, 而思杰使之成为可能,”Klemensson说. “Whether its medical data or IP, with Citrix, there’s no data leakage.”

Supporting agile acquisitions and business continuity

“We have clinics all around the world and the clinicians all have the same needs,”Klemensson解释说. “The more you can unify and streamline things, the more cost-effective they become. So, when we deploy Citrix as a single tool for all of our clinics, it allows us to have a single set of instructions. 我们越能让员工的生活变得一样,对每个人来说就越容易.”

“We have a lot of mergers and acquisitions each year,”Kaernested补充道, “and Citrix helps us a lot because it's a scalable solution. 增加一个新公司很容易. We have our branch in a box that we can easily deploy.”

“同样的道理, 当COVID-19袭击我们时, it was easy to scale up because we were already in Citrix云,”他继续. “几乎只需点击一下鼠标, 我们增加了五倍的环境, 从250到1,800远程用户.”

“We have a distributed workforce around the globe, and they all need consistent and secure access to our data. 我们正在提高员工的流动性,这样他们就可以在任何地方使用任何设备,并以安全的方式访问我们的数据,”Kaernested说. “我们希望在未来6个月内将所有业务转移到Azure和Citrix云服务. Then we'll close down the physical data center and we'll be cloud-only company.”

“The most efficient organization they have ever measured.”

用户体验, 安全 and agility are important for ossur, but the Citrix/Azure infrastructure is remarkably cost-effective, too.

该团队最近与Kostner ( an IT Advisory firm specializing in the measurement of IT services delivery. Kostner在过去几年里一直在衡量北欧的许多大型公司, calculating the cost of delivering 1GB of VRAM (the audit firm’s standard measure), Klemensson说, “They found that ossur is the most efficient organization they have ever measured!”

Kostner计算,, 而所有企业为每台机器提供1GB VRAM的平均每月成本是4欧元.60美元,ossur的费用仅为2欧元.00; 57% less than the average, comparable business.


A long-term partnership with Citrix and Microsoft


克莱门松表示:“我们已经证明,我们是一个有价值的商业合作伙伴,而不仅仅是一个成本中心。. “We want to do the things that generate value.”

“Maintaining forward momentum ensures that we are always ahead of the curve. We have an ever-evolving user experience that’s centered on Citrix innovation. 我们的下一步——比如部署Grab and Go设备和拥抱智能工作空间——是通过使用Citrix作为我们的技术合作伙伴来支持的. We couldn’t do this without Citrix,”他继续. “在技术方面, we've always been an early adopter – with sd - wan, 与hyper-converged, 与云, and we believe being an early adopter make us more competitive,”Kaernested总结道. “在思杰,我们拥有可扩展的业务, reliable and secure platform that we need to move forward in our business.”

“We are in both the medical and manufacturing industries. 我们处理病人数据和医疗设备, so we need to be compliant with all relevant data 安全 regulations,”Kaernested补充道.

Ultima很高兴能够与思杰一起帮助Ossur提供符合其商业价值“无限制的生活”的解决方案,这使得他们卓越的团队能够继续为客户提供开创性的创新和关键的支持. 享有盛誉的思杰创新奖在全球范围内被公认为不仅仅是技术的关键驱动力, but how they are using it to deliver real value back into their own customers. This recognition confirms partnership between customer, 解决方案顾问和领先的技术供应商在构建不受限制的业务战略以继续交付创新时是关键
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We believe being an early adopter make us more competitive. 在思杰,我们有可扩展的, reliable and secure platform that we need to move forward in our business.







  • Citrix工作区 提供4,世界各地的000名员工拥有熟悉的桌面,并能安全地访问他们需要的应用程序和信息.
  • Citrix sd - wan 确保全球诊所、工厂和办公室的网络性能稳定.