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Master Class Webinar Series May 4 - 5, 2022 register Now
What's new with Citrix Application交付管理 Apr 28 - Dec 15, 2022
Er staan nog heel wat boeiende events op de planning, door Citrix georganiseerd, met Citrix als deelnemende partner. Apr 21 - Oct 6, 2022
Safeguarding Communications Between Applications with Machine Identity Automation May 17, 2022 register now
tech talk May 12, 2022 register
Integrate with industry-first embedded intelligence and automation to proactively improve Citrix user experience Apr 28, 2022 register now
Making the transition from VDI to DaaS Apr 27, 2022 register now
webilunch | mercredi 6 avril a 12 h Apr 6, 2022 Inscrivez-vous
What’s New and Next with Citrix Virtual Apps and desktops Mar 30, 2022 View the webinar
Security for the hybrid workplace Mar 23, 2022 register now
Master Class Webinar Series: A quick start guide to deploying citrix adc Mar 2, 2022
March Topic: A快速启动指南to deploying citrix adc Mar 2, 2022 View the webinar
Master Class Webinar Series: Getting Started with DaaS Feb 16, 2022
Application Delivery & Security Master Class Dec 1 - 2, 2021
Better Together: Virtual Desktop mit Citrix und微软 Nov 18, 2021 Experten von Arvato Systems, Citrix und Microsoft sprechen in diesem Webinar über die "Better Together"-Strategie von Citrix und Microsoft und beschreiben das Zusammenspiel der Technologien in hybri... Jetzt anmelden
Der moderne Arbeitsplatz als Service Nov 18, 2021 Sie sind für die Bereitstellung der Workplace-Umgebung in Ihrem Unternehmen zuständig? Experten von Arvato Systems und Citrix zeigen Ihnen, wie diese als komfortabel gemanagter Service aussehen kann... Jetzt anmelden
tech zone Live Nov 17, 2021 Watch on demand
Moving from on-premises VDI to Citrix cloud services Oct 1, 2020 - Nov 17, 2021
Citrix Partner Marketing Masterclass Nov 17, 2021
Top 5 features to keep you secure with ShareFile Oct 25, 2021
How well do you know your ShareFile admin settings? Oct 25, 2021
15minute ShareFile Feature Spotlight: Citrix Files for Outlook Oct 25, 2021
What’s new and next with Citrix Virtual Apps and desktops Oct 21, 2021 Watch on demand
What's new and next with Citrix Endpoint Management Oct 19, 2021 Watch on demand
Demo Day Live Aug 25, 2021 Event features: Live demos illustrating hybrid work use cases Interactive Talk with Experts sessions Prizes for engagement during the event Top takeaways: How to protect users and your or... register now
The true value of Citrix DaaS on Azure with special guest Forrester Aug 10, 2021 In this webinar, you will hear from both Citrix and special guest Forrester Consulting with such topics as Citrix value-adds for Azure, DaaS market landscape, TEI background, key insights, realized ... register now
How to implement the MAM SDK Jul 13, 2021
Protecting your applications from automated attacks Jul 8, 2021
Citrix and wrike webinar series Apr 27 - Jun 30, 2021
Americas Work Summit Jun 16, 2021
Northumbria University Fireside chat with Jun 16, 2021
Citrix客户体验week italia Jun 7 - 11, 2021 Grazie di aver partecipato. Continua a seguirci per i prossimi appuntamenti online Se poi non l’hai ancora fatto, consulta anche le attività del Citrix User Group su http://www.mycugc.org /佩奇/...
How Android Enterprise protects your workspace with Citrix Endpoint Management May 20 - 27, 2021
Best Practices for Cloud Native Application Delivery May 20, 2021 Join Citrix and Red Hat as we discuss how to: Accelerate app delivery using CI/CD and Operators enabling faster release to market. Improve availability of apps across Red Hat OpenShift clusters wit... register now
Campus Tech Leadership Summit: IT Security in the新正规 May 19, 2021
Get to know wrike Apr 29, 2021
Strategy in Practice Apr 28, 2021
Mika on SASE ja miksi se on kiinnostava? Apr 28, 2021 SASE:n avulla tietoturva- ja verkkohaasteita voidaan ratkaista uudella tavalla, silla se mahdollistaa yksinkertaisen, yhtenaisen, turvallisen ja luotettavan paasyn sovelluksiin riippumatta siita, mi... Ilmoittaudu mukaan
健康护理Series: Expertengesprach Spital Uster (CH) Apr 22, 2021 Flexibler Zugriff auf Anwendungen mit jedem Endgerat, schnelle Arbeitsplatzwechsel und maximale Sicherheit für sensible Patientendaten: Das neue Digital-Workspace-Konzept des Spital Uster eröffnet Ä... Jetzt anmelden
Sicherer Anwendungs- und Internetzugriff im Gesundheitswesen Apr 16, 2021 Der Arbeitsalltag in Kliniken und Krankenhäusern verändert sich rasant: Ärzte und Pflegekräfte greifen heute nicht nur an stationären Rechnern auf ihre Anwendungen zu, sondern auch mit unterschiedli... Jetzt anmelden
Citrix Security Boot Camp Apr 15, 2021 register now
Ihr Weg zum Arbeitsplatz der Zukunft mit BSI-zugelassener Hardware Apr 15, 2021 einem gemeinsamen Webinar am 15. April prasentieren Citrix und IGEL eine Losungsstrategie, mit der sich Anwendungsfälle bis zum Geheimhaltungsgrad VS-NFD (Verschlusssache nur für Dienstgebrauch) ... Jetzt anmelden
wrike customer panel: Harness the power of协作工作 Apr 7, 2021
Improve app performance and security in the cloud Mar 31, 2021 In this webinar, we’ll explore how enterprises can use citrix adc on AWS to deliver applications that require high throughputs and low latencies while maintaining a strong security posture by using ... Watch on demand
Building a secure, resilient network for hospitals, clinics, and telehealth Mar 23, 2021 Wherever and however your clinicians deliver care, they need secure, reliable access to EHR, healthcare applications, and high-performance communications tools. At the same time, you’ve got to contr... register now
How Citrix IT uses Citrix ADM for secure and efficient application delivery management Mar 18, 2021
Vad ar SASE och varfor ar det sa intressant? Mar 18, 2021 SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) är ett av de senaste ”buzzworden” inom IT. Men vad ar det egentligen och varfor ar det intressant for dig? SASE handlar om att bygga sakerhets- och natverkslosnin... Registrera dig idag
Exploring DaaS and the shift to cloud: Insights from Citrix and ESG Mar 17, 2021
Il Workspace come piattaforma: non hai ancora una sicurezza zero-trust? Mar 17, 2021 Con utenti distribuiti ovunque che devono usare con ogni device risorse aziendali e applicazioni in cloud, la superficie d’attacco e infinita. La sicurezza passa da un modello di confidenza incondiz... Guarda on-demand
Citrix Healthcare Summit Mar 16, 2021 Evolve healthcare IT with security, resilience & flexible work Over the last 12 months during the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, hospitals and health systems have been moving at top speed, under... register now
安全Internet Access: perche ti conviene la sicurezza in cloud Mar 16, 2021 La pandemia ha accelerato l’uso di applicazioni SaaS, lo spostamento di applicazioni in cloud, il supporto a una forza lavoro distribuita e l’evoluzione delle minacce di sicurezza verso i remote wor... Guarda on-demand
Practical steps for IT to drive sustainability Mar 15, 2021
How do you know which apps will integrate well into Citrix VDI and Chrome OS? Mar 15, 2021
Power secure productivity anywhere with a unified approach to SASE Mar 11, 2021
Il Workspace come piattaforma: cosa serve per il lavoro che si trasforma? Mar 3, 2021 Il webinar ti presenta i vantaggi di un workspace come piattaforma, per costruire il luogo virtuale che“organizza”il lavoro, lo “guida” eliminando ciò che non ci è utile e “automatizza” i task a b... Guarda on-demand
Delivery applicativa e security predict: sai cosa succederà nel 2021? Mar 2, 2021 Come gestisci la complessita di un mondo in trasformazione? dal lavoro dovunque, con accesso da ogni device ad app e risorse nel datacenter o in cloud; all’evoluzione verso servizi cloud, delle infr... Guarda on-demand
"Work from Home" is now "Work from Anywhere" with Citrix and Google Cloud Feb 24, 2021
Hybrid education Feb 23, 2021 Many educational institutions are struggling with the challenge of changing the paradigm of classroom-based education to digital-collaborative education.   Faculty and administrators are now ... register now
Tolly Group validates citrix adc performance advantage for better application experience Feb 18, 2021
Practical steps for IT to drive sustainability Feb 10, 2021 A sustainable approach makes sense both from a business and personal perspective. It's a shared responsibility. And who better to lead the way and set an example than the public sector, your sector?... register now
Webinar: Connected IT to Deliver Care—任何Place,任何Time Jan 27, 2021 As a result of the pandemic, hospitals are being reinvented as centres of intensive care, with other services being pushed out into the community, or delivered through virtual settings. At the hea... register now

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